E-Cigs are Smokers Favorite Quitting Tool

Here is a great article from Time Magazine claiming e-cigs are smokers’ favorite quitting tool. Gone are the days of prescription drugs, patches, gum, etc. The majority of tobacco smokers trying to kick the disgusting habit are turning to electronic cigarettes.

Flawed E-Cig Regulation

This great and informative article from the respective American Magazine discusses flawed electronic cigarette regulation. It argues that current FDA e-cig regulations will undermine efforts to persaude tobacco smokers to switch electronic cigarettes. They compare proposed regulations to the effort to legalize marijuana and make a strong argument. Read it here.

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White House Weakened Proposed Regulations for E-cigarettes

Reports are circulating around the Internet that the White House has significantly weakened the proposed FDA regulations of electronic vapor cigarettes. This is fabulous news for e-cig vapers in America and around the World. Looks for the time being vapers will have the freedom to buy and use electronic cigarettes! Read the complete article here.

White House weakened FDA proposed regulations for cigars and e-cigarettes

Philip Morris Buys Nicocigs

In another huge aquisition Philip Morris has purchased one of Britain’s largest electronic cigarette makers, Nicocigs. Small by global ecig standards Nicocigs is a big player in the UK with 27% of the market share. The ecigarette market is currently growing exponentially but is a highly fragmented industry with thousands of players fighting for market share. Read the full article here and as always thanks for reading Ecig Newz your number one source for electronic cigarette and vapor news!


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E-cigarettes put corporate smoking policies to the test

Well we saw this one coming as e-cigarettes have increased in popularity. E-cig use is putting corporate no smoking policies to a serious test. Of the corporations surveyed about 60% of them allow employees to use electronic vapor cigarettes at their desk. My company allows it, does yours? Read this article from the Boston Globe and learn more about e-cig policies.

Top Scientists Warn WHO Not to Stub Out E-cigarettes

In an incredible development 53 of the World’s leading scientists have warned the World Health Organisation not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. First reported by Reuters the scientists believe e-cigs could slash disease and deaths related to tobacco use. The scientists are asking the WHO to allow research before making any decisions on classifying e-cigs.


Zippo Sues Blu e-Cigs

Zippo has sued Blu e-Cigs for trademark infringement in California. The lawsuit seeks to prevent Blu Cig parent company Lorillard from selling the popular e-cigarettes. Zippo claims ownership of the trademark “BLU”. Find complete information about this Blu Cig lawsuit here. This is a monumental action and could have far reaching effects on Blu e-Cigs.

Zippo suing Blu e-Cigs

North Carolina Debating Electronic Cigarette Tax

The state of North Carolina is debating a electronic cigarette tax. Legislation was drafted Tuesday and approved by committee. Anti-tax Replublicans are on board and tobacco corporation Reynolds America essentially wrote and asked for the tax. The tax rate would be applied by volume, at 5 cents per milliliter of the liquid used in e-cigarette cartridges. Read more about the potential NC e-cig tax here.

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Vaping E-Cigs at the Office

In a fabulous sign for electronic vapor cigarette users across America and beyond more and more companies are allowing their employees to vape at the office. Call it a perk if you will but a lot of companies see benefits of allowing employees to use e-cigs right at their desks. Can we say increased productivity for one! I work from home so nobody is stopping be from vaping e-cigs. What about you vapers, can you vape in the office?

Eversmoke E-Cigs

Chicago E-Cig Ban Starts Today

Well you heard it here first vapers the Chicago e-cig ban starts today! Typical of an out of control fascist government the bureaucrats have once again taken away your freedom! E-Cigs are the greatest thing invented since sliced bread and more and more governments around AMERIKA are banning them. Countless studies from World renowned scientists have proven them better than traditional tobacco cigarettes but nope fascist governments wanna reign in your freedom!

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