Congress is Coming after E-Cigarettes

Well vapers it looks like the time is finally here. In all likelihood the United States Congress is coming after electronic cigarettes. For years e-cigarettes have been immune from stringent restrictions traditional tobacco cigarettes have been forced to adhere to. In a fabulous article from Vice News they discuss numerous regulatory possibilities coming down the pipeline for electronic vapor cigarettes. From marketing to fruity flavors it seems everything is fair game. Is not a matter of if but when and how far will Congress go???

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E-Cigarettes: A Doctors View

Here is a great article from Fox News concerning e-cigarettes and a doctors view. The good, bad and the ugly as he puts it. The doctor interviewed provided his indepth opinion on electronic vapor cigarettes and what how he feels about ecigs and his patients trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. It’s a very interesting and honest article. Check it out!

I have found e-cigarettes to be one of the most effective methods of cutting down or quitting smoking for recalcitrant smokers.

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Vapor Zone. Vaporizers, E-Juice and More

Vapor Zone is finally here! Ecig Newz is proud to announce we are one of the first electronic cigarette sites granded exclusive access to their incredible line of vaporizers, vapor pens, electronic cigarettes and e-juice. Vapor Zone proudly launched with 6 different incredible models for every different level of ecig vaper. Stop wasting your time with low quality brands and check these guys out! They also produce an incredible line of electronic vapor cigarette liquid or e-juice. Best of all Vapor Zone e-juice is produced in the United States!!! They have tons of amazing flavors but you can also CREATE YOUR OWN! Bourbon and strawberry anyone? Learn more about them and everything they have to offer now at

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LA Bans E-Cigs in Public

Well it happened! The City of Los Angeles has BANNED the use of electronic vapor cigarettes or e-cigs in public. That means the use of e-cigarettes on the street, in parks, restaurants, workplaces, etc is now ILLEGAL. This is an incredible travesty for vapers across the United States and freedom everywhere. Pretty much the only place citizens of LA can use vapor e-cigs outside of their own homes is vapor lounges. You can read the complete article here at the LA Times.

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MN Bill to Treat E-Cigs Same as Tobacco Cigarettes

Lawmakers in Minnesota are currently weighing whether or not the state should treat electronic cigarettes the same as traditional tobacco cigarettes for regulatory purposes. Numerous bills have been introduced seeking to keep tabs on e-cigs, vaporizers and other smokeless cigarette devices. The train is barreling down the tracks and it won’t be long before vaping is illegal. You’d sure think things facsist lawmakers would have something better to do! Read here but it will just upset you vapers!

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Los Angeles May BAN E-Cigarettes in Public Places

In another radical right wing fascist attack on your freedom the City of Los Angeles is currently mulling a proposal to BAN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES IN PUBLIC PLACES. This is a clear and sickening attack on all vapors by a controlling regime bent on infringing on all Americans freedom and liberty. People of Los Angeles I hope you rise up against these fascist maggots and take your city back!

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Altria Group Expanding MarkTen E-Cigarettes Nationally

News that proves the electronic cigarette market will be HUGE in the future the Marlboro maker Altria Group announced they will be expanding their e-cigarette brand MarkTen nationally. Ecig sales have ballooned to over $1 Billion last year and many analysts see it as a $10 billion dollar industry soon! If you’re still smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes now is the time to switch. Check out to learn more!


CVS Stores to Stop Selling Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products

In a MAJOR announcement United States pharmacy chain CVS Careplus will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products October 1st. The company says it’s the right thing to do for a company that helps people on their path to better health. CVS is the largest pharmacy chain nationwide and this decision could have huge ramification industry wide. CVS did not comment on electronic vapor cigarettes so there is currently no word on whether or not they’ll still carry ecigs. FULL ARTICLE

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E-Cigarettes Ignite Lobbying War

E-Cigarettes have ignited a massive lobbying war in Washington DC and inside State Capitols around America as Big Tobacco gets involved and realizes what is at stake. Electronic cigarettes have never been more popular and thousands of smokers make the switch to e-cigs everyday. Big players are betting electronic cigarettes with over take traditional nicotine cigarettes in less than 10 years. Lobbyists are fighting to encourage electronic cigarettes of the alternative but in reality nobody knows where the industry is headed.

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Celebrities Puffing E-Cigs at Golden Globes

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Welcome back to Ecig Newz and Happy New Year fellow vapers! There’s currently a huge uproar in mainstream media concerning some celebrities puffing electronic cigarettes or e-cigs at the Golden Globes. Cameras caught the gorgeous Julia Louis-Dreyfus puffing on and e-cig next to Reese Witherspoon before Hollywood A-List hunk Leonardo DiCaprio was shown vaping away! This just proves electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more mainstream everyday!

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