10% of US Adults now Vaping

Since their inception electronic cigarette vapor thickness, taste and quality has really improved. E-cig and vapor pen use has been exploding in the United States with a now estimated 10% of American adults vaping in some form or another. They are sick of disgusting traditional cigarettes and their outrageous costs. Thanks to industry leader Blu Cigs you can now grab a state of the art starter kit for under $50. Also all their e-cig vapor flavor cartridges and juice are made in the USA! Another huge player online is Eversmoke. They taste great and offer a huge discount program for regular vapers.

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Eversmoke Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day is around the corner and Summer 2015 is finally here! Grab some beers and fire up the grill it’s cookout time. But don’t be the only one smoking disgusting traditional cigarettes! Eversmoke E-cigs is having a huge Memorial Day sale! It’s time to make the switch to e-cigs and start saving some money. Electronic vapor cigarettes came out in 2008 do you really want to be the last person on earth smoking cigarettes? Eversmoke taste great and produce a super thick vapor and smooth draw. Have a great Holiday everyone! Stay safe.

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Is this the first GREAT e-cig?

In a fabulous article from Wired the team at Pax is vaping all day with their world class vaporizers and vapor fills the office air. After developing the best selling Pax and Pax 2 vaporizers the team is now working on developing the Juul at $50 e-cig that is meant to hit the electronic cigarette market hard with a delicious, beautiful and wicked amazing e-cig. Click the link above to visit Wired and learn more!

E-Cig Gift Cards

Did you know Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes has gift cards? What better way to help a smoker in your life make the switch to vapor e-cigs ┬áthan buying him or her a gift card! Eversmoke is a market leader who’s amazing vapor juice flavors are propelling massive growth. Eversmoke starter kits are affordable and contain everything a new e-cig user needs to get started and kick their habit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Eversmoke gift cards are available in denominations from $10-$250 and are 100% electronic just like their e-cigs!

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Smoke Around E-Cig Science

Currently their is a massive cloud of smoke around e-cig science and a few insider are trying very hard to clear the air. With so many conflicting groups involved like universities, electronic cigarette brands, tobacco companies, governments and health organizations the science is conflicting and hazing at best. There currently is a massive push to centralize the research and carry it out with some basic standards. For a more in depth read on this topic click here and please comment if you are vested. Many of us simply use our favorite vapor products like vaporizers and e-juice but stay out of the discussion. If you would like to keep your right to vape get involved!

Man using vaporizer with e-juice.

Man using vaporizer with e-juice.

Penn State Electronic Cigarette Study

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According to a study by Penn State University e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The Penn State study found that e-cigs typically deliver more nicotine than regular cigarettes but less other chemicals. You can read the complete study here and we strongly suggest you do! Thank you Penn State for a honest and thorough academic study!

University Receives Grant to Study E-Cigarettes

It’s news like this I love to see! The National Institute of Health has awarded the University of Arizona a $2.7 million dollar grant to study electronic vapor cigarettes or e-cigs. Researchers are set to mine social media sites for data on how vapers use e-cigarettes. How cool is that? Read the complete article here!

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‘Vape’ 2014 Word of the Year

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Oxford Dictionaries has named ‘vape’ the 2014 word of the year. It’s a verb meaning “to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.” Vape was added to the dictionary in August and can also be used as a noun. Interested in getting started vaping electronic cigarettes? Visit Eversmoke.com

Are E-Cig Companies Making Money?

The electronic cigarette market across the World is growing exponentially. Traditional tobacco cigarette smokers are switching to better tasting and much cheaper e-cigs at incredible rates. Ironically huge tobacco corporations like Altria and Lorillard are scooping up small electronic cigarette brands in a fight for market share. This great article from gurufocus discusses the profitability of e-cigs and the potential for huge gains. We are assuming its a matter of time before online brands like Eversmoke get scooped up as well!

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Time for Common Sense E-Cig Regulations?

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Greg Conley from the Washington Times penned a nice e-cig news article on regulation. He points out 42 states have passed laws banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. He then disccuses more sweeping e-cig regulation and argues for a more common sense approach to these new vapor devices that arrived in America in 2007. Click the link above to read the news!